Bowls with Holes

I have always been in love with clay, ever since I discovered the unique qualities of the material when I was a teenager in a high school art class. I just knew it was what I was meant to work with , and set out to find a way to make a living working with clay.
About the same time , I met and fell in love with my husband , who coincidently is named Art ! He had been disabled from a car accident, and was unable to find work. He spent many days asking me questions about working with clay. When I told him you couldn't do certain things , he didn't take no for an answer. In short, he helped me to question techniques, and taught me to push the boundaries of the material. I in turn , taught him everything I knew about clay, and somehow... , we ended up in business together, and have been doing it, and loving it for thirty six years now!...I consider our work to be functional sculpture for your table. Affordable works of art that everyone can appreciate and enjoy.

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